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Elmer's Products: Paint by Numbers

One week, 15 designs, hundreds of tiny numbers.
Elmer's Products came to us with a challenge. Quick turnaround on 15 paint-by-number designs. (And these ain't your mama's paint by numbers). Elmer's wanted paint-by-number geared towards older kids and adults. The medium was not paint, but a limited number of colored pencils that could be blended to create additional colors. The color pallets may have been limited but the images weren't. We needed great designs, numbered, and quick

Our Sharp Idea: Get everybody on it.
We got the whole team going: brainstorming themes, sketching scenes, turning the sketches into digital line art, picking color pallets, numbering, color testing, finalizing...

The End: One week later we had 15 dazzling designs ready to go to the printer, with hundreds and hundreds of tiny numbers begging to be colored.

Abbot Architects: Branding & Brochure

There's no such thing as a bad hair day in design.
Abbot Studios came to us with just a logo and couple of hues for a color scheme. They wanted to put together a stellar marketing piece that could be updated and customized for each client, but didn't cost an arm and a leg to produce.

Our Sharp Idea: Hair bands.
No, not the boys from the eighties band "Poison." Brown elastic bands - the kind that hold up ponytails. First we created an eye-catching die cut cover which established Abbot's brand. Then, we designed internal pages that could be printed in smaller runs and attached to the cover with the deceptively classy looking hair band. This inexpensive, flexible binding lowered printing costs and held the booklet together while making it a snap to update.

The End: A high-end marketing piece that achieved the style and versatility Abbot Studios was looking for.

Bijoux Boxes: Identity & 3D Branding

How do you speak Chinese without learning the language?
A client came to us to design a logo for a new line of portable jewelry boxes. She was having the product prototyped in China. We quickly created a logo design she loved. Meanwhile, the production of the jewelry boxes was at a stand still. After many rounds of explaining her vision to the prototype developers in China, they still weren't getting it right.

Our Sharp Idea: Describe the product to us.
We sketched it out, then took it a smidge bit further and created a 3D rendering of the product, complete with animation. Now she had a visual representation of the product that any one could use to see the design and function, no matter what language they spoke.

The End: The product was successfully produced and on its way to market. So if the saying is true-"A picture is worth a thousand words." Then a 3D rendering must be worth three thousand, at least.

Elmer's Products: Kid's Educational Games

Re-teach Your Inner Child
Elmer's Products came to us ready to create a line of educational, but FUN, activities for pre-school age children, centered around the art of Eric Carle. They had ideas for multiple activities, but needed help with development and design.

Our Sharp Idea: Regress and have fun!
We channeled our inner child- helped select images, brainstorm activities, and create layouts for everything from the individual products to the packaging. We had the exciting opportunity to hand select the perfect images for each activity from Eric Carle's extensive collection of artwork.

The End: Award winning fun! The Kinder-Ready products went on to win scads of toy awards including, Toy's Best Vaction Products, six Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold seals, one Platinum.

Oberfield's/Wonderthreads: Web Design & Programming

Disregard the programmer behind the website....
Here's a case where we had two very different clients with one similar problem. How do you show online customers the limitless possibilities of the products you offer? One company sells architectural block, concrete pavers and retaining walls that fit together in multiple ways; the other sells handmade clothes, bags and accessories with thousands of thread and style options.

Our Sharp Idea: Let them see every option.
For this you need the right program and programmer for the job. And we've got 'em. This, plus some snazzy design, and you have two unique sites that allow customers to see the virtual outcome of their purchase, before it's even made.

The End: Two happy clientsx100. See for yourself how they work:

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