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We're a graphic design agency with a portfolio full of great work and a desk full of fun.

A full-service graphic design studio located in Columbus, Ohio, 2Shea Creative has been serving the service and manufacturing industries as well as non-profit agencies since 1987. Delivering high quality graphic design at a fair price, we provide creative, user-friendly solutions to meet all of your communications needs. If you have a project that has a short time frame and wide parameters, you can count on us to make it happen! Whether you are launching a new project or updating an existing one, we can help you every step of the way-from concept through final production. If you are located in Columbus, Ohio, or beyond, our goal is to have satisfied customers. That's why, if you work with 2Shea Creative, you can afford to relax.

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About Us

Barb Shea

Owner - Creative Director
History: For more than 30 years Barb has been at the forefront of the design industry in Columbus. You wouldn't know it to look at her, but she's been around long enough to be able to say that she was one of the first in the city to use the computer as a design tool. Over the years she's continued to integrate the latest technologies into the process to help companies utilize their brand the best way possible. And when she's not working - she, along with her husband, have been raising 6 kids, 4 dogs (at the moment) and a whole lot of kittens in their country home outside the city.
Education: Degree in Visual Communication, Ohio State University
Interesting Tidbits: Barb is a Grandview native, in high school she made her own prom dress, and she was once saved by a pile of manure.

Bill Shea

Office Manager
History: Over 30 years diversified advertising/writing and production experience.
Education: 4 years of study in Communications at the Ohio State University.
Interesting Tidbits: Bill is the youngest of eight children, was a writer for radio and TV ads, hates mayonnaise, and was once dangled by his feet from the top of The 'Shoe (Ohio Stadium) and lived to tell about it.

Jessie Shea

Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator
History: Jessie has 18 years of experience and has been with 2Shea since 2003.
Education: BFA in Graphic Design from the Columbus College of Art and Design.
Interesting Tidbits: Jessie was the only girl in her 8th grade class, she is the oldest of 6 kids, and dresses in 80's fashions every chance she gets.
Favorite Musicians: Erin McKeown - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dslYQ-dskHU
Brandi Carlile - http://www.brandicarlile.com/
Favorites on the radio: This American Life - www.thisamericanlife.org
Favorites on TV: Pete and Pete - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAwf6wnNNBw
Other favorite stuff: Money you pay to wear - wabisabibrooklyn.etsy.com
Fancy old poster stuff: http://www.muchafoundation.org/MGalleries.aspx

Matt Shea

Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator
History: Matt has 7 years in the graphic design field and has been at 2Shea since 2016.
Education: Visual Communication Design - Ohio State University

Owen Shea

Designer, Illustrator, and Animator
History: Owen has 9 years experience working as an illustrator, designer and animator.
Education: BFA in Time Based Media Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design
Interesting Tidbits: Owen attended CCAD in the school of Illustration for 4 years, but before graduation, he decided switch majors and pursue a degree in animation. Owen is more likely to be watching cartoons than the news, and his interests include astrophysics and philosophy.

Amanda Ingwersen

Designer, Illustrator, and Writer
History: Amanda has 14 years of experience and has been working for 2Shea since 2005.
Education: BFA in Communication Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design.
Interesting Tidbits: Amanda has a growing robot collection, the clown at her 30th birthday was named Glitter, and Pee Wee Herman oversees all of her work.
Favorites: Harold and Maude, Robots and/or Clowns, Banjos, The sound of Kai Ryssdal's voice.
Clay Dogs - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94jqdxsPg3I
Big Platform Shoes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVKsd8z6scw
Low Self Esteem - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtk5qs3HvlI&feature=related
And sharing a cotton candy on moist September day

Angie Igel

Business Development Manager and Administrative Assistant
History: Angie has experience in management in the retail industry, with a strong background in customer service. She uses her experience of establishing and implementing business plans, as well as building and maintaining customer relationships to help strengthen the 2Shea business.
Education: BS in Fashion and Retail Studies, Ohio State University
Interesting Tidbits: Angie doesn't like breakfast food much and it isn't unheard of for her to cook and eat a hamburger at 7am.

Gary Guerrero

Web Development, Multimedia & Illustration
History: Gary has 30 years experience working in graphic design and web development and has worked at 2Shea since 1995.
Education: BFA in Communication Arts from the Virginia Commonwealth University.
Interesting Tidbits: Sometimes called Dr. G, Gary much prefers ice cream to coffee, could not survive without a microwave, and is quite contented with his discount toothpaste.
Favorites: Any outdoor activity.


“I have had the pleasure of working with the staff at 2Shea for 10+ years. Their customer service is bar none the highest quality. As an example, when I was working remote in Dubai, UAE, Matt from 2Shea worked on my time schedule over the Christmas holiday to edit and produce our conference brochure. The level of understanding and creativity when they are brainstorming ideas and graphic images is great. I can call or email Matt or Barb with any urgent request and they will go out of their way to help me make my deadline.”
SCPC (Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care)

“2Shea was able to capture Miles-McClellan and create an entire new brand which now emulates through all our materials. They led me through the decision-making process, ensuring that we got exactly what we needed from our website when we didn’t know ourselves. We have worked on several projects over the past few years and the 2Shea team always makes me feel like my project is their highest priority. That’s why I always recommend 2Shea.”
Miles-McClellan Construction

“2Shea helps us by realizing our vision and interpreting that vision in print.”
Grand Rapids Urban League

“Innovative, timely design, with exceptional customer service.”
Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives

“2Shea has worked hard to give our marketing pieces a fresh look while adhering to our corporate design guidelines. We’re thrilled with the design creativity and the attention to detail we receive with 2Shea.”
ADB (formerly Siemens) Airfield Solutions

“2Shea has never disappointed us in the year we’ve been working with them. Their designs are creative, clean and fresh and the speed at which they get them to us is incredible. We have never been left waiting nor have we ever had to start over on a project because the design wasn’t what we had in mind - they always seem to know exactly what we’re thinking! They are conscious of our budget and overall goals and have been an incredible resource and partner for Komen Columbus.”
Komen Columbus

“2Shea has provided layout and design for our wide array of print materials. Their superb graphics have given our agency a strong visual identity in the community.”
Action for Children

“The 2Shea Creative team is easy to work with and has creative solutions for the customer.”
Health Care Communications Specialist

“They are creative, responsive to our needs and quickly fulfill our requests in a professional manner.”
Franklin County Children Services

“ I have worked with 2Shea Creative for more than 5 years and Alison and Barb have consistently delivered a top quality service and have provided the most competitive pricing and outstanding efficiency under some really tight deadlines! They demonstrate excellent creativity and interpretation of our briefs and they have done this all with patience, friendliness, and attention to detail. I am kept fully informed throughout the different stages of the design process and I really appreciate that. I would recommend 2Shea Creative to anyone who is looking for excellent service, commitment and value for the money from a design agency.”
Elmer's Products Inc.

“2Shea has been a key creative resource for Elmer's Marketing. Their team is extremely responsive and flexible to meet the needs of our fast paced product development cycle. From interpreting licensing style guides to creating brand and age appropriate custom designs, their staff delivers world class packaging, graphics and copy.”

“I'm always amazed by how versatile 2Shea is. If I need something cute, they can do it. If I need something elegant, they can do it. Website design?” No problem. Package design? Check. Really, we've worked with them for years and there's nothing they can't do. Plus they're fun to work with. No egos!”

“How do you make your business dreams and wishes come true? 2 Shea is your answer for outstanding customer service, original web designs and so much more.”
Ohio Public Transit Assn.

“When Gary and myself look at the work your group provided, we have to pinch ourselves! That work produced has been nothing short of stunning and we are very grateful. You've given us everything we could have dreamed of, and more. You might not know, but in the background but both Gary and feel as if your team has become a part of our family, it's very genuine. Somehow, I think we were meant to find you and we are glad we did!”
Thanks again,


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