It’s true – design is best left to the pros!

Check out this article from the Metropreneur about business branding. Notice the helpful branding tips for entreprenuers, courtesy of 2Shea’s founder Barb Shea!

A business’s logo −along with its website and a corporate identity piece, such as a brochure− are its “24/7 salespeople,” Shea says. “They represent you and may be the only way some people see who you are. When done poorly, they do more harm than not having anything at all.”

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Thank you Steve Jobs for our jobs!

2SHEA wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a Mac.


Picture it, the year was 1987. The world was on the way to greater happiness with the introduction of Prozac, Robocop was teaching us the importance of technology in the future, and Steve jobs was creating the future.  Macintosh computers were new on the scene. Barb Shea was a self-employed graphic designer. She created all of her designs by hand with cut and paste. She regularly took jobs to the typesetter to have typography added to her creations. But then one day, she saw that her typesetter had a new little contraption. A Macintosh computer. She watched the typesetter quickly lay in type to her designs using the tiny machine and Barb thought, I WANT ONE!! So she and her husband put every penny they had together to invest in a brand new state-of-the art 10″ black and white Macintosh computer. Instantly, Barb realized the increased design possibilities the tiny Mac had to offer. Thanks to the technological genius of Steve Jobs and the combined creativity of Barb & Bill Shea, 2SHEA was born!