Fuzzoodles webisode 1: “A Fuzzoodle’s Best Friend” is now playing for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy this stop-time animation by yours truly, 2Shea Creative! Good job to our designers/animators: Owen & Amanda! You two rock!
Check it out: http://bit.ly/ctM3YW

What are Fuzzoodles you ask? They are oodles of fun! Creative play with a twist! They are big fuzzy noodles that you can mix with wild and wacky faces, pieces and parts to create your own fuzzy character! Bend it! Twist it! Build it! Over and over again!

We created a few characters for this cute animation short. Lucky and Rufus! Check out the fun at http://www.fuzzoodles.com/webisodes.phpfuzzoodleslogo

2 thoughts on “Fuzzoodles!

  1. Thanks Bob! What a compliment to compare our animation to Gumby or Mr. Bill! Fuzzoodles are so much fun, thanks for spreading the word! 🙂

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